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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills:- A two day workshop for those who want to enhance the construction and delivery of their presentations.

Advanced Presentation Skills:- A two day workshop for those who have some experience of presenting but who want to present with more presence and confidence.

Sales Skills

Relationship Selling : – A 3 day workshop for those interested in building and maintaining long-term relationships rather than the one-off sale.

Retail selling: – A one or two days workshop for those want to maximise their sales in a retail environment.

Developing-Key-Accounts: – For most businesses 80% of their turnover can come from as little as 20% of their customer base. This workshop looks at how to build stronger and longer-lasting relationships and how to maximise profitability with these accounts.

Power Negotiation Skills: – A two day workshop looking at getting the most from negotiations with clients, customers and colleagues.

Segmenting and Targetting your customer Base: – How to refine and focus your sales and marketing efforts to better effect

Managing and Motivating your Sales Person: A two day sales management workshop for getting the most of your sales team.

Customer Care: – A workshop for anyone wishing to enhance the service they provide to their customers.

Management Skills

Managing-People-Skills: – A workshop covering the essentials of managing teams and individuals.

Performance Management: – A two day workshop covering the art of appraisals and performance devleopement reviews.

Coaching and Counselling: – A workshop exploring the important skills of improving performance through coaching and counselling.

Teamleading and Teambuilding

Team Leadership: – A programme dealing with the range of skills involved in managing and leading a team.

Team Building: – A workshop for the members of team required to work together. This workshop covers what it means to be a team and the major elements of teamworking.

Problem Solving and Project Management

Quality Action Teams: – The best people to solve a work problem are often the people who work in that area. This workshop looks at setting up teams and providing them with the necessary tools to solve their own problems.

Problem Solving Skills: – A workshop covering a range of problem solving tools and techniques for all events.

Project Management: – The essential skills of managing a project from start to finish.

Facilitation & Training Skills

Facilitation Skills: – Whether you are facilitating a conference or a meeting, this course is for you.

Train The Trainer: – A workshop for anyone involved in delivering training courses.

Personal Development

Stress Management: – Stress is often regrded as the 21st Century plague. This workshop examines what stress is, how it is caused and how it can be managed effectively.

NLP in the workplace: – Neuro-Linguistic Programme is a fascinating toolkit of skills for managing yourself and your communication with others to achieve the results you truly deserve.

Creative Workshop: – A workshop of skills and tools for encouraging a more creative approach to the the tasks you face.

Developing Presence, Credibility and Gravitas – For those who feel that they are not taken as seriously by their colleagues and clients as they would wish or for those who just want to achieve greater recognition from those around them.


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